Michael De Nola

SAG / AFTRA • 917-991-9918


New Amsterdam Captain Revis Shiri Appleby
FBI's Most Wanted Duke (co-star) Jim McKay, NBC
Homeland Safehouse man (Co-star) Michael Klick/Showtime
Person of Interest Taxi Driver (co-star) CBS/Chris Fisher
Shades of Blue Doctor (co-star) Dan Lerner/NBC
Boardwalk Empire Gangster (co-star) HBO/Tim Van Patton
Blue Bloods Wayne Levinsky (co-star) CBS/ Alex Zakrewski
Unforgettable Chef (co-star) CBS/Aaron Lipstadt
Law & Order: CI Pete Tsalikis (co-star) Christine Moore, NBC
Law and Order: SVU Diamond Dov (co-star) NBC/Aaron Lipstadt
Law and Order Kreshnik Pernaska (co-star) Don Scordino, NBC


Cruise Mr. Panagopoulos (supporting) Robert Siegel
When I live My Life Over Agaian Emcee (supporting) Bob Edwards
Love Hunter Chez (supporting) Nemanja and Brane Bala
Winter of Frozen Dreams Ryan (supporting) Eric Mandelbaum, Dir.
The Narrows Tall Hasid (supporting) Francois Velle, Dir.
Pussyfoot Dr. T. Pelkalvsky (lead) Dusan Sekulevic, Dir.
Lost Letters King Abgar (lead) Pam Miller, Dir.
Land of the Blind Movie Gangster (supporting) Bob Edwards, Dir.
Elevator Moods The Judge (principal) Ethan Spigland
Bad Apple Joe (lead) Eric Jones, Dir.
Alone Louis (supporting) Gregory Orr, Dir.
Paradise Regained Rufus Adams (lead) Jaraad Virani, Dir.


Sweet Sweet Motherhood Professor Henry Stein (lead) Here Arts Center, Manhattan
The Quick-Change Room Boris (lead) York Shakespeare Co., NYC
Pieces on the Board Cliff (lead) 3 Dollar Bill Productions
Good Fences Make Good Neighbors The Doctor (principal) Fringe Festival, NYC
The Bronx Balmers Irv Minkoff (principal) Turtle Shell Theater, NYC
Lou's 24/7 The Professor (lead) Strawberry Festival, NYC


Vance Barber: TV/Film ongoing master class
Wynn Handman: 2014-2019
Bob Krakower: Advanced Classes
Upright Citizens Brigade: Improv 101, 201
Sally Johnson Studio: 2006-09
Queens College: MA in Music Performance and Composition, 1999

Special Skills

Professional saxophone player
Accents: Italian, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Baltic, Indian, German....
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